The 2016 Slice

As we’re nearing the end of 2016, and reaching the beginning of 2017, I’ve finally decided to put into action something I’ve said in many words over several years: I’m starting a blog.

Over the years I’ve cultivated a vast selection of health, beauty and lifestyle musings and witticisms of many revered bloggers/vloggers/magazines, etc. I will be the first to admit that I am in a very lucky position in that I have plenty of spare time which I can spend trawling through the internet to learn a new beauty craze, or new favoured fruit of the celebrities, or a new workout that will take your butt to a whole other solar system. I also acknowledge that not a lot of people have any interest in any of that – which is fine, please don’t read this if you’re not interested! But over the past few working years of my life I’ve become accustom to hearing variations of the same phrases from many lovely ladies that I’ve had the pleasure of working with, which is: “I wish I knew how to…”

Most of the ‘how to’s are beauty related, and after explaining how I knew how to do X, Y or Z, it was usually followed up with the other person saying “Oh well, I just don’t have the time to read/watch things like that”. This was the inspiration that made me really want to start a blog that I enjoy writing, and so my goal is simple: I want to help YOU (*please note that “you” will probably only apply if you are female and interested in some form of health or beauty quick tip, and you only have limited time for that read or watch).

Since I have a backlogged library of go-to YouTube videos, blog posts or websites that I know I found useful in learning how to apply some particular makeup style, or learn the perfect squat form, or learn what really helps get rid of dark circles naturally (it’s actually hereditary, but if you want to try reducing it  then get more sleep, more water, and less caffeine – but you probably already knew that) I wanted to share my go-to’s in a quick and accessible format for the everyday person.

My aim is to post a new blog post every two weeks, and with each post I’ll tell you how much time is required from your busy day, or week, to read the post or watch the video that I’ll link you to. I’ll also quickly summarise what that week’s slice is about and what the overall takeaway is from the post.
A Slice of Swope is quite literally a bite of something that I’ve researched [read: sat in my pyjamas for hours whilst swiping through different videos or blogs] and that has helped me to build an internal bookshelf of useful tips and tricks.

What I’m doing isn’t groundbreaking or revolutionary by any means, but if my blog helps just one person in 2017 to learn something that they didn’t already know I’ll consider it a success. As my ultimate goal is to help you (whoever you are, and if anyone is actually reading this) please do comment below and let me know what you would like a quick tip or link to that you haven’t found the time to look into yourself!

For now, I hope you enjoy the rest of your 2016 and I’ll see you again in 2017!

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4 thoughts on “The 2016 Slice

  1. Rebucket Barnwell says:

    Hey Girl… this is adorable!! I shall most definitely be reading! As it is almost 2017, and my resolution is to look like a Victoria secret model by the end of the year and lose all that podgy baby weight this sort of thing would be of great value! So, for me, id benefit from any tips on running & yoga (my chosen activities to get me totally phitt) teamed with lots of healthy eating. Since I was unceremoniously cut in half during labour I need to focus on strengthening my core!

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