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The purpose of concealer is to alleviate an imperfection, e.g. a blemish, a scar, dark circles, redness etc. It’s important not to confuse concealing with highlighting, but often they come confusingly hand in hand nowadays thanks to the Kardashian-esque makeup application, however if you do conceal and highlight at the same time and it works for you then carry on!
Keep on reading for some tools, tips and tutorials for concealing.

The Slice: Concealer
I’m going to be real honest here and admit that concealer is not my strongest suit, particularly when it comes to under eye concealing.
Sure, I’ve watched a lot of videos, read a lot of blogs and reviews, bought a lot of products… but I still can’t seem to nail concealer… BUT I have picked up a lot of tips and found some of my favourite products in my pursuit of concealing happiness.


Types of concealing

Spot Concealing

Otherwise known as pinpoint concealing; this method is great for blemishes, small imperfections and scars. Using your preferred concealer (for this mine is the Kiko Full Coverage Concealer or the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer) take a small amount, and I mean very small, and apply to the imperfection that needs covering with a finger or a small brush to pat the product over the imperfection and blend into the skin. Be careful not to pat too much as you may end up removing the product, but as with foundation make sure you work in light layers that you can build and you will notice a difference within seconds.

This method is again another Lisa Eldridge special, which she perfected whilst growing up with acne. These tutorials show the method in full effect:

Natural, Flawless Skin – The Eldridge Technique – 12 Minutes watching time
Lisa starts the concealer introduction at 3 minutes 30 seconds with some concealer advice, moving onto the application at 5 minutes 50. Watch how she pin-points with a very small brush and feathers the concealer out with a MAC 217 brush. You may have noticed Karima using the same technique if you watched the video contained in my last post.

Acne/Blemish Covering Makeup – Foundation & Concealer Tutorial – 13 Minutes watching time
This one is great for anyone with more than the occasional spot or blemish. The pinpoint method starts at 6 minutes 30 seconds, and Lisa uses Vichy Dermablend foundation to cover her models imperfections.

Under Eye/ Dark Circle Concealing

The ultimate bane of my life. I have very dark under eye bags to the point that family members have asked if I am ill just because I decided not to wear makeup that day. I am constantly on the hunt for the perfect concealer that doesn’t crease and whilst providing enough coverage, and I’ve narrowed the search down thanks to the Lancôme Effacernes concealer, but it’s still not 100% perfect and I’m not sure I will ever find a under eye concealer that truly is.

One trick I have learnt to use more in my older years is that less is definitely more when it comes to under eye concealing. There was a time where I would slather on a thick layer of the lightest Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in an upside down V underneath my eyes and blend in with a damp sponge and my fingers. Hell, I still do that if I’m going on a night out and want my under eyes to be bright, shining beacons that prove how healthy and young I still am, but it’s really not a daily routine regimen. If I do use that technique though, my go to products are now the Bourjois Radiance Reveal or the NYX Concealer Wand because they are slightly more moisturising for my dry under eye skin, and I get less caking and creasing with these compared to the Collection Lasting Perfection.

When using the Lancôme concealer for my under eyes I take a tiny (less than half a tic-tac) amount on the back of my hand and use a concealer brush (my preferred brush is the bareMinerals concealer brush) and take a small swipe of the product into the inner corner of my eye and inner half of the lower lid, paying close attention to the darkest area where my eye meets the top of my nose. I will then feather the concealer out lightly underneath my lower lash line, also paying attention to discolouration on the outer edge of my eye where the bottom and top lids meet (right below where the winged liner would be). I blend out with my ring finger, which is the best and lightest finger to use to ensure you don’t stretch the delicate skin around your eyes. Due to the dryness of my skin around my eyes I’m really careful not to overwork the product, as this will create patchiness and even more wrinkles. If I’ve put too much product under my eyes I tend to go in with the flat edge of a damp Real Techniques sponge (either the complexion sponge or the Mini Miracle Eraser sponge) to try and even out and lift some of the product off gently whilst blending it out.

Under Eye Dark Circles – Some Causes & Treatments Tutorial – 11 Minutes watching time
ANOTHER Lisa Eldridge video, but she knows skin and makeup! In this video Lisa is talking more about the types of dark circles and some causes and skincare that can help with dark circles, rather than products to disguise them.

How to Cover Dark Circles and Stop Under Eye Creasing! – 8 Minutes watching time
Katerina is a really adorable and beautiful Australian YouTuber. In this video she’s using various techniques, including the very popular colour correction method, to conceal her dark circles. Instead of using a red colour corrector like Katerina does, I use either the Kiko high coverage or NYX Dark Circle concealer in a salmon-peach colour to correct on really bad days, then go on top with a light layer of liquid concealer (any of the others mentioned above).

Concealer Hacks for Perfect Skin (NO Cakey finish) – 8 Minutes watching time
In this video Chloe Morello uses various concealers and techniques to show how she gets her flawless skin. She uses the Maybelline Eraser Concealer for her under eyes, which looks heavy in the video but it is in fact a really great, light concealer that is moisturising, super blendable and gives fantastic coverage. I haven’t included my own one in the images above because it’s so used and filthy and I need to purchase a new one, but I still have another 6 concealers to finish before justifying another repurchase.

Want/need more?

If you’re not one for the videos then maybe some more how-to posts will be for you.

Allure – How to Cover Every Pimple
No more than three minutes to read this informative post about how you to respect each blemish type (whitehead/hormonal/squeezed) and how to cover them depending on the type.

Elle – Disguise Dark Circles
A two minute read summing up all of the steps included in this post and the YouTube tutorials above.

Byrdie – How Makeup Artists Keep Under-Eye Concealer From Creasing
I haven’t gone into setting concealer or foundation yet, but this post will give you tips on that as a way to prevent your under eye concealer from creasing.

Buzzfeed – 19 Useful Tips For People Who Suck At Concealer
Who doesn’t love a Buzzfeed post? This has a roundup of some of the best Pinterest infographics to teach you even more about concealers.

I hope this post helped for those of you that are struggling with your concealer techniques, or even on the lookout for a new product recommendation! If you’re like me and have dark and dry under eyes that are prone to creasing, caking and general longevity issues please do let me know what you have found that works.

Until next the next post!

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