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It’s eyebrows! Eyebrows are so hot right now! (That’s me being Blogger Mugatu from Zoolander)
Disclaimer: I will not be able to give you tips to achieve the perfect Benebrow or Insta-brow. The takeaway from this post is how to emphasise your natural brow using different tools and techniques.

The Slice: Brows
It’s estimated that the brow industry is worth approximately £200 million in the UK alone, and YouTube provides a whopping 1.5 million search results for “eyebrow tutorial”, so you’ve probably noticed the browjuvination that the beauty world is experiencing.

I have naturally thick brows that were once plucked within an inch of submission by my mum – at my request – so that I could have Angelina Jolie’s Tomb Raider eyebrows. Since brows became the thing of this decade I have never been more grateful for their natural thickness and arch, however thanks to the extreme adolescent over plucking I now have sparse areas that need filling and darkening with product, so I’m going to talk you through my favourite products to use.


Brow gels with fibres

Benefit Gimme Brow – £20 from Debenhams

I have shade 1 (light) and 5 (dark) which I use interchangeably depending on the look I’m going for and the emphasis I want my brows to have. I have naturally ashy toned hair, so I find that medium is too warm toned for my brows.

The small applicator really helps you work the gel and fibres through your brows with precision, and you can wipe off the excess before you apply to get a more natural brow. Gimme Brow is my daily go-to at the moment as it’s super quick and super effective. L’Oreal offers a similar product with their Perfection Brow Artist Plumper, but I found that the brush was too large to work with efficiency and accuracy.

Double ended brow pencil

Soap and Glory Archery 2-in-1 – £8.00 at Boots

I was so happy when this released and the beauty world hailed this as a dupe for the ABH Brow Wiz. This is good for anyone who doesn’t want to spend out on two separate products: spoolie and pencil.

I really like the texture of this pencil, which is both soft enough to apply easily but hard enough that it doesn’t break with light pressure, and the spoolie can easily work the product through the brow without removing the product. I have naturally dark brows but use Blondeshell because I find Hot Chocolate too dark. Perfect product for brows that only need slight filling with natural hair like strokes to make the brows look more “done”.


Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 Palette – £24 at Debenhams


Using eyeshadow is the perfect way to create a natural brow. As mentioned in the first Eyes post, my go to shadow is Primal in the Naked Basics 2 palette because of the cool ash tone; which is why you’ll see it’s the most used shade in my palette shown in the images above.

I apply the shadow with a small angled liner brush because I feel that’s best for getting a precise and light application, and blend and brush the product through the brows with a spoolie until I’m happy with the finished effect. I rarely set my brows with gel when using eyeshadow, but if I do I tend to use a light hairspray sprayed onto a spoolie and blended throughout my brows. I find hairspray is better for my long, thick eyebrows than a clear gel.

Specific brow powders are available everywhere, but in lieu of purchasing a £17 brow powder you can definitely get away with a good quality matte brown eyeshadow in the right shade to suit your hair and skin tones.

Waxy brow products

Soap and Glory 2 in 1 Crayon and Gel – £10.00 at Boots


A dupe for the ABH Brow Definer; this product has a waxy consistency that warms and softens easily, applying a nice amount of colour through the brows. This product is probably a good start to getting the Insta-brow, if you’re not yet ready for pomade, due to the waxy consistency holding finer brow hairs down when applied with a firm hand. There is a twist out spoolie with gel (contained within the handle) which is really handy for on the go, but it made my brows have that “crispy” feel so I only use it sparingly when my brows are in need of a good taming.

This is better for creating broad definition to the brows, compared to the pencil or powder application methods mentioned above, and would recommend to those who have already perfected their brow routine as opposed to a brow novice, simply because this is easy to go overboard with.

Tips & Tutorials

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 20.57.03

That. That right there ^
Whilst symmetry is beautiful, so is embracing your natural self and accepting that one brow might have a better arch than the other. Evening them out is important, but sometimes perfect symmetry just looks odd (unless it’s in the form of a winged liner). Don’t try to force your brows to look identical when they don’t want to be; enhance their natural qualities.

As mentioned in the intro, this post is aimed at providing information about enhancing your natural brow, not creating an entirely new one. I have nothing but admiration for anyone who can achieve that look, but with my already thick white girl brows it just doesn’t look right on me. Below are a few of my favourite videos all about dem brows.

Wayne Goss – The Non Instagram Eyebrow tutorial – 2 minutes watching time
Here Wayne is using a pencil and powder to fill in the brow, with a full natural effect, showing how quick and easy it is to enhance your natural brow using the spoolie throughout.

Charlotte Tilbury – The Perfect Brow – 4 minutes watching time

Charlotte has recently brought out some Supermodel Brow products so has some newer videos aimed at marketing them, but I really like this older video where there is more time spent on the technique starting with some quick tweezing, shaping and then filling. Charlotte also stresses the importance of using product a shade lighter than your natural brow hairs.

A Model Recommends – Makeup Artist Brow Tutorial – 8 minutes watching time
If you haven’t seen Ruth’s videos before; she’s an international model who ventured into the world of blogging and vlogging a few years ago. In this video Ruth has MUA Caroline Barnes, who gives constant guidance throughout the video whilst primarily applying powder with an angled liner brush.

Teni Panosian – All About Eyebrows – 20 minutes watching time

This isn’t just a tutorial, but a really in depth video about Teni’s full brows and providing guidance for lightening, taming and filling brows with makeup. Great for anyone who has fuller brows and wants to learn some tips.

Finally, a little infographic for any of you mother pluckers out there. The 3 point rule is one of the best tips you can learn (exemplified by Charlotte and Caroline in the videos above) for basic brow grooming.


Image via Pinterest

I’m just going to Brow Out
I hope you’ve enjoyed brows-ing your way through this post, and since I don’t want to make it quite as heavy as the last few posts I think I’ll stop here. Let me know if you found this useful, or if you have any product suggestions based on my product loves above!

See you in the next post where I’ll be winging it with eyeliner.

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