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Is lashes your must do in the morning? In this slice I’m giving you lashings of my lash favourites in the form of favourite mascaras, falsies and tips to give you that wide eye, separated lash look!

The Slice: Lashes
If eyes are the windows to the soul then eyelashes are definitely the curtains that frame them (in the best kind of way). For many of us who get ready in a flurry in the morning; mascara is the absolute must do. It can brighten and widen your eyes, make you look as though you feel more alert than you actually do, and also make you look like you gave a shit that morning. In this slice I’m letting you know my favourite lash products and tools to frame your lovely face windows.

The Tools

Boots No7 Eyelash Curler – £8 at Boots


You’ve probably all seen these wonderful, medieval contraptions and possibly even own one? Good! You should! Curling your lashes is the best thing you can do to start to get that wide awake look with your lashes. One thing I’ve learnt over the past few years is that you absolutely need to spend more time than you think on curling your lashes, especially if you really want to make it last.

I have a basic pair similar to the above No7 curlers that I stole from my mum (hi, mum!) many years ago and they still do the trick. A lot of bloggers rave about the Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler, but if you’re not a beauty hoarder then a good, basic pair will still do the trick. To really make sure your lashes hold the curl; instead of pumping the lashes two or three times in less than a second, try holding the pump for five to ten seconds and then move the curler down or along the lashes and repeat. You can also shape your lashes by tilting the curler; I do this particularly when I’m going for a feline eye look by tilting the curler towards the outer corner of my eyelids, and repeating the “pumping” motion until I’m happy with the end effect.

The Mascaras
I think a person’s favourite wand type can come down to the type of lashes you have. Do you have a favourite mascara wand type? Do you find that a particular wand works best for your lashes? I have long, wispy lashes and a fair amount of them so my favourite wand is definitely a plastic wand with tiny, separating teeth – which you’ll see below. I can’t speak for other lash types (i.e. short, straight, full) but here are some of my favourites and explanations of why they work for me.

L’Oreal False Lash Telescopic Mascara – £10.99 at Boots and Superdrug


The long wand quickly applies the mascara across the whole lid of lashes, and the separating nibs means that it does it super effectively. What I love most about this mascara is that the brush is also very thin and therefore really good at applying the product to the lower lash line, especially if you have wispy lower lashes too. The mascara is incredibly pigmented and long wearing, and despite it no longer being available in the waterproof option the normal Carbon Black is fantasticly long wearing without having the added waterproof label.

Benefit They’re Real Mascara – £20.50 at Boots or Debenhams


If you’re looking for a higher end version of the L’Oreal Telescopic then you can’t go wrong with the Benefit They’re Real. The wand is slightly shorter and rounder than the Telescopic, but the nibs/bristles and formulation are comparable (in my opinion). I found that I had to let the product dry out a bit before it really worked for me, but as soon as it did it applied like a little lash dream.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Lash Multiplying Mascara – £7.99 at Boots and Superdrug


The wand of this mascara is chunkier than the L’Oreal and Benefit mascaras, but still does a really good job with coating all of the lashes. Again, the product itself needs some time to dry out before it becomes its greatest self, but once it does it applies itself with precision thanks to the different length bristles, and has a very strong pigment. I would also recommend the waterproof version of this mascara, as I’ve found that the formulation is equally as good and doesn’t flake off like many waterproof mascaras do. It’s also best if you wipe off the excess before applying, as the chunky wand will pull out a lot of product.

Soap & Glory Thick and Fast Mascara – £10 at Boots


So, you’ve seen above that I really like a plastic wand mascara, but this is one of the best exceptions to my personal rule. I really love this mascara, despite the wand being incredibly large in comparison to my above favourites. The bristles are fanned out and large enough that you can spend a lot of time gently applying it to your lashes to create a thick, but not too clumpy, look on the lids (unless you like a clumpy look, then work it!). The formula is long wearing, and again has a very strong pigment.

The Falsies
I’m not an incredibly patient person so I can openly admit to you that I don’t have a lot of useful experience here, unless you want to know how many times I’ve had a rage fit whilst getting ready for a night out and had to redo my entire eye look because I’ve furiously ripped off a wonky lash (although I can’t actually recall how many times because I try not to hold a grudge.. especially against myself).  I do, however, have two very good recommendations for equally impatient lash lovers:

Fleur De Force By Eylure – Couture Fleur – £6.95 at Boots


Single lashes are the lazy lash girls dream. They’re much easier to apply than a strip lash, and you can put on as many or as little lashes as you like to achieve the look that you’re going for. I love these Eylure ones in collaboration with FdF because of the whole package; the lashes are tapered so they have a natural look to them (where the ends thin out like your natural lash would), the sizes are perfect to build all sorts of looks, and the glue that comes in the pack is one of the best glues I’ve ever used! There’s even a remover product because of the type of adhesive that is used, which makes for a safer and easier removal than tugging the lash off, which can inadvertently rip out your own lashes.

I apply these by dispensing some of the glue usually on to the box, and then carefully remove a lash with a pair of tweezers (removing them by picking them up close to the base of the lash) and dip the end of the lash into the glue. I then lay the lash down close to – but not on top of – my natural lash and on to the skin as much as possible, but not too high up on the lid itself, otherwise it would not be an eyelash but a hairy eyelid!

Ardell Demi Wispies – £5.49 at Boots and Superdrug


These lashes have been doing the rounds on YouTube for some time now, and found their way to the UK a little while ago. If you buy them at Boots and Superdrug they currently include the Duo Lash Glue, which is also a blogger/YouTube favorite lash glue. I really like these lashes because, despite how the picture looks, they are a lot more natural looking than most strip lashes available right now. One trick I’ve learnt from YouTube is that you can grab a pair of brow or nail scissors and cut vertically and haphazardly up into the lashes to create an even thinner, more natural strip lash. The lash band itself is very thin, so you don’t have that horrible thick line to have to conceal closely to your natural lash line either, which is another added benefit of using these particular beauties!

The Tips and Tutorials

Image via The Beauty Department

Charlotte Tilbury – How to apply mascara – 2 minutes viewing time

Charlotte is the QUEEN of lashes. You don’t necessarily need to buy her Full Fat Lashes mascara to create this look, but watch how she curls the lash and takes time and precision, and careful application to make these lashes get amped up. In a more recent video  Charlotte shows three types of lash application (Doll, Wing and False) to suit your style, and again I just find it fascinating to watch her apply the mascara more than what product she is using.



Image via Fashion Infographics

Huda Beauty – How to Apply False Eyelashes – 2 minutes viewing time

Huda, who has her own false lash products available, shows you some simple steps for applying lashes, from removing the lashes from the box, to measuring, to application. A simple 2 minute watch to show you some essential tips for applying the lashes.

As always – there are so many tutorials available on YouTube if you want to see other people applying falsies, but ultimately they all sum up the same tips shown in the above tutorial but with longer explanations. As with any makeup; practice makes perfect and to apply lashes really well it will be a case of trial and error, not just with the type of lash but the lash glue that you use too!

For more mascara recommendations, check out fellow bloggers Natalie and Maddy at Beautiful Bedlam who have dedicated March to Mascara’s! They have provided in depth recommendations to some of their favourite mascaras at all different price spectrums.

I hope you found this post useful, and please do let me know if there are any mascaras you would recommend knowing that I love a thin, plastic wand! My next purchase will be the YSL Babydoll – have you tried it before?

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