The “Bloggers Made Me Buy It” Slice

Well, well, well… Look who decided to finally come back to her blog! (It’s me, by the way. I finally decided to come back and share another pizza me).

My WordPress app tells me it’s been 9 months since my last blog post. A lot has happened in the past 9 months that I’ve used as excuses for why not to blog, like getting a promotion in work and buying a house, amongst other things. Now that we’re settled into our new house and I’m beginning to get to grips with less going on, I thought it was about time I put something down in word form again.

I didn’t really know where to start because for the past 9 months I’ve still continued to think “man, I should write about that” and then I couldn’t inspire myself  enough to bother to see it through. Then, after we moved in and I unpacked my beauty items and placed some long overdue orders for items that I’d been eyeing up for months, I realised that a lot of my recent purchases had been Blogger/Influencer enabled, so I though I would let you guys know my thoughts on the items and whether they’re really worth it (in my humble opinion).

Time Required:

8 Minutes Reading Time


The ultimate takeaway here is that I am a sucker for a YouTuber or Blogger’s opinion, especially if they have particularly glowing skin or a really great way of describing the texture of a product. Be prepared – this post is a big pretty one.

The Enabled Purchases:

Soaper Duper Handwash and Body Wash


This is a FleurdeForce enabled purchase, from several months ago. Fleur described a deliciously scented Shea Butter bodywash, which is 98% natural, and as Jack and I both have different skin conditions that require extra moisture I was immediately intrigued. A few months after I’d seen Fleur’s video the brand was available online at Tesco, and with over a third off across the whole range I put the Shea Butter hand and body washes, the Yuzu Fruit & Fig body wash, and the Zesty Lemon body butter into the basket.

The Shea Butter handwash and body wash have different textures (gel and cream), but the same scent. The handwash is my favourite of the three I purchased, mainly because I use it daily and can feel that my hands are moisturised and retain an appetizing, edible scent for a few hours. That, and you get a lot of compliments from friends when they use it!

The Yuzu Fruit and Fig is such an interesting and delectable scent, and I have nothing good to compare it to, so if you think you’ll like something which is fruity but almost with a floral musk (that’s about the best I can do), then reach for this one.

I haven’t used the Zesty Lemon body butter enough to confidently assure you of it’s greatness, but it does smell a bit like a tasty toilet cleaner, which (if like me) you love lemon scented toilet cleaners, then give it a go.

Overall: I’d give this range a solid 8/10 Swope Slices and highly recommend. (And Tesco has them on offer now, sooo…)


I’ve seen so much about this range from all of my favourite bloggers and youtubers. It’s an aesthetically pleasing brand, their mission statement is “on point” for today’s beauty loving audience, and the product price point is reasonable. Their customer service is great, you get cute stickers included in your parcel, and the boxes and pink bubblewrap bags are perfectly instagrammable.

I chose Glossier’s pre-made sets before delving into individual purchases (bar one) so that I could do a quick dive into Glossier before committing my allegience like many revered bloggers.

Phase 1 


Glossier describes this set of products as “the not-so-basic skincare basics every girl needs in her routine” comprised of their infamous Milky Jelly Cleanser, Priming Moisturiser and Balm Dotcom – if you buy this set you save £8 compared to buying them separately.

The best product of the set is without a doubt the Milky Jelly Cleanser, which has a really interesting (and funnily enough jellylike) texture that you can apply to a dry or damp face, and use as you would any other cleanser. It removes surface makeup, but for any heavy makeup applications you will want to do a cleanse with your preferred makeup remover first. It leaves your skin feeling clean but not taught, and soft but not stripped.

The priming moisturiser and balm dotcom – I could live without. I don’t think anything will ever replace Blistex Med Plus for my perpetually needy lips, and the priming moisturiser is just a bit… meh. I expected big things from both, like the priming moisturiser to have an actual priming quality and the balm dotcom to be my new handbag staple. The moisturiser is light and does provide a dewy base, and great for anyone who can’t wear anything too thick in the morning but are in need of something for your next layer of product to stick to. Maybe I’m using it wrong, but it’s unlikely to be something I will repurchase.

I picked up the coconut flavour balm dotcom, which is actually almost more of a vanilla-coconut flavour and is decidedly tasty, but I find I have to reapply the balm more than others (e.g. MedPlus or Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream). I know I will repurchase the balm dotcom at some point though, as I really like using it on my cuticles and dry skin in between my fingers because it is moisturising but not greasy or sticky, so absorbs well.

Phase 2


This set is about “helping you make the best choices” through “uncomplicated makeup staples that live with you – not on you.” I really do appreciate Glossier’s ethos, that you wear the makeup rather than it wearing you, hence striving for dewy, glossy skin and perfecting the best parts of you, rather than covering yourself up with makeup. Phase 2 includes an eyebrow pomade, a concealer and a sheer lipstick.

Boy Brow has been hailed as the natural browed bloggers’ new Holy Grail makeup staple. Very similar to Benefits (now recalled?!) Gimme Brow brow gel, I can see why this has been hyped. Super easy to use, gives colour and shape to natural brows, and doesn’t make your eyebrows crispy and dry but keeps them in place.

The Stretch Concealer has also received many positive reviews, and again I can 100% see why and get behind the blogger love for this. With avocado and jojoba oil, cocoa butter and beeswax, this is without a doubt the creamiest concealer I have ever used, and will repurchase again and again. You warm the product with your finger and apply as little or as much as desired. If like me you suffer from dry undereyes and never know how to stop the creasing; this concealer will help you, and nourish your undereyes.

Generation G sheer matte lipstick is my least favourite of Phase 2. Glossier products contain mostly natural ingredients with minimal scents, but they need to do something about this one. I chose the colour Jam, a raspberry magenta, which is sheer and matte, but very drying as applied and so does stick to any dry skin on your lips. With no added scent, the lipstick actually needs something to pep up the odd “no scent-scent” it does have.

Priming Moisturiser Rich


In direct contrast to how I feel about the Priming Moisturiser from Phase 1, this standalone product I absolutely LOVE. It’s the denser older brother of the Priming Moisturiser, with red algae, ceramides, fatty acids, murumuru butter and lavender oil (yeah I didn’t know many of those ingredients either), and is thicker, creamier and more hydrating than its younger brother.

I get sudocrem scent vibes from this moisturiser, but given how this product makes my skin feel after I’ve applied it (I use it after cleansing both morning and evening), I can attest that this really is worth the hype. Plus the packaging is cute and classy, and looks great on your bedside table.

If you’re interested in any Glossier products, you can use my link to get 10% off of your order (this blog post is not an ad, I just searched for way too long to find another blogger’s code so this might help you out if you’re interested in getting the Into the Gloss).

By Terry Cellularose Brightening CC Serum


This was enabled by the very beautiful Lydia Millen-Gordon, who has raved about this product for a good few years, and every time she puts it on in vlogs I am in awe of how quickly her complexion changes. Lydia uses this in Sunny Flash, but she’s about 5 foundation shades darker than me, so I went with Apricot (it seemed more suitable for us light reflecting pale people).

When I first applied it I was hugely underwhelmed. It smells a bit odd and I couldn’t really see the benefit of it (although I was at home all day and in a bad mood from studying for weeks on end). Now after using it daily for nearly 2 weeks I can see how much this serum just lights up my flat complexion, and gives my skin a lit from within glow especially when combined with L’oreal True Match foundation.

I would recommend this product, but only if you’re looking for a luxury purchase and/or have a discount code for Cult Beauty to make the cost sting less.

Lush Sleepy Body Lotion


You don’t necessarily have to be interested in beauty to have seen this sell out product receiving a huge amount of hype all over social media at the end of last year. My local Lush store had sold out in less than a day, and not just of the lotion but of all other lavender related products. Fortunately my brother kindly picked me up some of Sleepy as he works close by, and he’s a real stand up guy my bro’.

Lush states that you will sleep well after dipping in to this lotion, and as lavender is a soothing scent which has always been renowned for aiding sleep; combined with oatmeal and sweet tonka, Sleepy really is a lovely addition to any evening relaxation routine, and to smother your body in before bed. Breathe it in deeply and it will help you to relax whilst you’re drifting off to sleep. For an even better night’s sleep I would highly recommend using ear plugs and an eye mask; a dream team sleepy trio.


So that’s the Swope Roundup of the most influencial Influencer enabled purchases I’ve made over the past few months.

Have you tried any of the above, and what’s your thoughts on them? What purchases have you made recently that you can honestly say you bought just because there was a lot of hype about it?



One thought on “The “Bloggers Made Me Buy It” Slice

  1. floribundar says:

    So far I’ve managed to avoid the Glossier hype haha but I definitely want to try the LUSH Sleepy cream – it sounds exactly like what I need. Oh and the Glossier Boy Brow is getting ever closer to me buying it haha xx

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