MMM Leftovers – Contour & Highlight

I'm back! You know when life happens and then all of a sudden it's been almost three weeks and you've not accomplished what you wanted to? Well, that's what happened to me, so I sincerely apologise for the hiatus - life/work/motivation imbalances have caused me to not post to my 2 week schedule. Even though I … Continue reading MMM Leftovers – Contour & Highlight


March Makeup Month – Lashes

Time Required: 5 Minutes reading time Takeaway: Is lashes your must do in the morning? In this slice I'm giving you lashings of my lash favourites in the form of favourite mascaras, falsies and tips to give you that wide eye, separated lash look! The Slice: Lashes If eyes are the windows to the soul … Continue reading March Makeup Month – Lashes

March Makeup Month – The Foundations pt 2

  Time Required: 5-6 Minutes reading time I've included 5 YouTube videos and their viewing times next to the links below. Takeaway: There are so many different tools, techniques and tricks to perfect your foundation. Foundation shouldn't be a product to mask your real skin, but more about evening the skin tone, reducing redness and bringing down … Continue reading March Makeup Month – The Foundations pt 2